Thursday, July 5, 2012

ACH "photo fishing" in Jordan

Pre-Excavation Days in Jerusalem!

What have we been doing to prepare for the excavations:
1. Buy fishing pole. CHECK We left the pole that ACH rigged up for the Jordan project at ACOR, so we had to find a new pole.
2. Buy paper bags. FAIL (that's why AD had to buy some last minute stuff in the US). Paper bags, which we use for animal bones, C14 samples etc..., are a scarce commodity here. Hopefully we now have enough.
3. Buy graph paper. FAIL. No one is carrying A2 paper anywhere in Jordan or Israel, so we will have to modify our daily top plan field records. The key to archaeology is flexibility!
4. Check on Hertz van rental. CHECK/FAIL. One van won't be ready until noon on Sunday, so advance staff teams will pick up the equipment at the IAA, load the vans, and then head north to Ort Braude. Co-director Yo will follow on later in the day.
5. Buy yummy hummus for lunch. CHECK! We visited Abu Hassan on Salah edh Din Street for the best hummus in the city. Today perhaps we will visit Al-Shouleh for schwarma. . .
6. Visit antiquities shops and look for Early Bronze Age pots. SADLY A CHECK. But this is research not directly related to Marj Rabba, I digress.
7. Finish field school syllabus. CHECK. Yo is going over the syllabus for the field school and then we will be good to go.

We are now off to buy various last minute paper supplies for field recording. More adventures later.

Yo "photo fishing" a Neolithic structure at Maitland's Mesa, Jordan

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

E-Day: One Week and counting

Our excavations start one week from today.  Our co-directors have returned from the Jordanian desert and are getting some well deserved rest (after showering and eating something not out of a tin).  Team members are packing and making their way to Israel and some of us are picking up those last minute items that our directors forgot pack. 

We hope you'll follow us as we begin our 4th excavation season at Marj Rabba.