Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mid season update

As we approach the middle of the season, we have been taking low level aerial photographs using a 7m photo mast. These photos are used to create 3 dimensional models of the site. Below is a screen capture showing a top down view of a 3d model of areas AA and BB as they were on the morning of 7/24/12:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy at Marj Rabba!

This year at Marj Rabba we have the biggest team ever - 24 people!!  We have students from UChicago, DePaul, Cornell College, a college in New Jersey, and 6 special guests from the Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy in Chicago ( These five students and their intrepid administrator, Ms. D. made the long journey (everyone had to get their first passport) to "experience" archaeology in Israel. Drs. Yo and Mo and Prof. Stein of the OI met with them throughout February and March for a mini "what is archaeology" course, so they had some idea of what to expect - but the real thing is nothing like this candy survey in the Lasalle-Banks Room at the OI.
Candy survey at the OI

R-C students and Ms. D at the OI     

Drink water and wear a hat - the most important field lessons according to K!
The students and the amazing Ms. D. arrived on July 12 and started work in the field bright and early the next day at 5:30am. The following are some shots of the Rowe-Clark students and Ms. D. doing various things on site. Almost over night they have become "archaeologists" and have (or are) receiving training in all things archaeology.

Ms. D. at the sieve

E uses a small pick to explore in area CC

M trowels around in Area CC

H takes points and reads the total station for elevation data

S holds the prism for H - archaeology is team work!
As part of the Marj Rabba outreach program we try to engage with all kinds of people interested in learning about the Chalcolithic of the Galilee. We have been somewhat successful in having local visitors from Karmi'el and surrounding small towns and villages visit the site. We also get a lot of visitors from fellow archaeologists, but having the Rowe-Clark students with us is another example of outreach that we archaeologists often overlook: people in our own backyards (Chicago) who might be interested in archaeology in Israel. Thanks - Ms. D., E, M, H, S, and K, for all of your hard work this season, you all are real troopers!!