Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Closing Trench CC

Trench CC came to a close yesterday for the season, and in true Trench CC fashion, it has left us with more questions then answers. 

There have been a number of interesting finds and some new architecture in the newly opened square. We've had two pyric structures in the current cultural  layer that we are ending with. 

The first was maybe a hearth or oven like structure, and the second which I worked on, was maybe a paved floor of some sort. The structure was first spotted by one of our sharp-eyed high schoolers,  M. 

When looking at the aerial shot of CC, you can see the hearth-structure at the beginning of this paved structure. 

As the excavation of this structure continued , a small amount of orange and red sediment appeared under the mudbrick holding the paving stones together. This area was labeled, and we continued excavate around the area. Right next to the pavement area, and may have been apart of the pavement structure at one point, there appear a huge amount of this red-orange-yellow sediment under the mudbrick.

It's really quite artistic, looks almost like a Van Gogh painting. 

Not much is known about this colorful sediment but it has been seen sparingly in other trenches under features. This large sample will be floated and hopefully upon further excavation next year, we will be able to figure out what purpose this brightly colored sediment served!

The Cool Crew

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